A phone conversation on air can already for years

But times change

Now you can get everything on air via your smartphone

It’s been around for so long
and many stations do it:
Get listeners into the show.

It’s called a telephone hybrid and has been around for over 50 years. Thanks to a telephone hybrid, a listener can be brought into the program.

The system is very old and goes back to the time when there were analog telephone lines. Later the hybrid became digital to prevent delays (echo) and there were even systems for digital telephone lines (ISDN).

But time is moving forward and nowadays we have listeners who call on your mobile phone like Facebook or whatsapp. High time to make a link between your smartphone and your mixing console.

No way

All ready for € 89,- you can do it.

smartphone gsm telefoon vork

How it works

A picture says more than 1000 words.


Via the 3.5mm headphone connection on your smartphone (so your smartphone must have it), you connect your mobile phone to your mixing console via our hardware. The signal from your smartphone is loud enough to go straight into your mixing console, we don’t have to do anything on it. The line signal from your mixing console (clean feed) that goes back into your mobile phone must be adapted to a signal that your smartphone can handle. The layers of tones must also be filtered out to prevent the sound from being distorted.

If you need it, we provide a connection cable with a 3.5mm jack plug to 3 RCA (RCA) male connections. You can order it for a small amount.

Uhhhh, what?

Okay, this is the hardest part. To prevent howling / echo, your mixing console needs a cleanfeed connection.

A cleanfeed is anything but itself. so you have to prevent the sound that goes back into your smartphone from getting the sound of the caller back.

Some mixing consoles have a cleanfeed output so it’s simple. Another option is if your mixing console has an aux potentiometer on each channel, use it. You then open all aux potentiometers except for the channel to which your smartphone is connected.

If your mixing desk has an analog telephone fork in it that is not used, it is also an option to convert it to a line in / line output. The exit is then immediately suitable to enter the box. We can take care of the adjustment for Eela audio mixing consoles.

smartphone gsm telefoon vork


The system uses a
3.5mm jack plug.
Your phone must have this.


Whatsapp, Messenger or just a phone call.

The system works with everything you communicate with on your smartphone.


No external power is required.

The system is designed in such a way that no power connection is required.


Whichever mixer you have, as long as it has a clean feed or an aux output, it will work.


Level control
2 suspension/mounting ears
RCA input (female)
RCA output (female)
Robust ABS housing 105 * 59,5 * 35mm (LWH)

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