In 2021, Eela audio analogue stopped.

We saved the analogue branch and the complete inventory of Eela audio. If I hadn’t bought it, everything would be disappeared permanently.

All parts, housings, fronts including the copyright of schematics etc. of analog mixing consoles were included. This means I can continue to supply spare parts, housings, etc. Eela audio (S100, S190, S120, S130, SRM-70, SBM-80, SBM-90, S340 & S440).

Eela audio produced quality in that we can now only dream of. A warm sound, super stable, built like a tank with top components. Even after 25 years of being on day and night, it still works.

It will not surprise you that our own products are made in the spirit of Eela.

Repair, overhaul & parts
You can contact our technical service for the repair of a module or for the overhaul of a complete mixing console. We also have reconditioned, new modules or replacement PCBs for sale. In addition, a lot of money is invested in having parts made. Consider potentiometers, reducers and other supplies. We also print and plot inlays for buttons such as on the S340 & S440, please inquire about the possibilities.

A large number of parts are available online, such as connectors, potentiometer, switches but also covers for the rotary knobs.

Service manuals & phone support
We do not provide Service manuals! We have saved the analogue branch, but we also have to be able to pay the costs every month. Support by telephone is available at a normal hourly rate.