Professional radio stations doing it for years Now you can too!

Connect your mixing console by MIDI with your playback software like a pro.

Tested with: mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, PlayIt live, VirtualDJ 2021 (pro versie), RadioDJ version 1 & 2, Smart Radio, Aeron Studio, Freeplayer, OTSAV Radio.

It’s been around for so long and many stations do it:

Get listeners into the show.

It’s called a telephone hybrid and worked on analog and later ISDN telephone lines. But times are changing, everything now comes via your mobile phone (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.). It’s time to change, make a link between your smartphone and your mixing console!

One hell of a record player preamplifier

With the PMT 901 you connect not one but two turntables!

Built like a tank, triple decoupled against high frequency radiation, balanced outputs in a 19 inch rack mount. Probably one of the best Riaa preamps ever built!

Riaa pick-up / platenspeler voorversterker
Riaa pick-up / platenspeler voorversterker