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Professional radio stations
doing it for years.
Now you can too!

Connect your mixing console with your playback software and work like a pro.

Fader open and the music starts. Or use the start button. It is no longer priceless, from now on you can do it too.

Of course our mixing console must support button or fader start and your playback software need to support MIDI!


No way

You can make your dream reality for only € 125.

But more is possible!
Thanks to our software …..

you can do even more with your midi device.

The software communicates with the box, this allowing you to set delays per port. This delay is useful if you are using fader start.

A completely new feature is to start music in your browser (eg Youtube) but also Spotify, VLC player, Windows media player and winamp can be started. We do not need to explain that the possibilities are endless

This extra functionality requires a license for a small amount per year. This allows us to continue to develop. A test license of 2 months is included free of charge.

You decide!?

Delay adjustable

There is a big difference whether you work with button or fader start. With button start you open the fader before you give a start command. With fader start you give a start command when you open the fader.

The music in the computer is usually automatically start direct without delay, you slide the music in with fader start. For this it is useful if you can set a delay.

Depending on how fast you open the slider, it can be set from 0 to 250ms per port. Port one can therefore have a different delay than port two.

No license required.
Midi controle software vertraging


No drivers required*, works under Windows & Mac by USB.

* Windows 8 and higher, for Windows 7 there is a driver available.


mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, VirtualDJ 2021 (only pro version), RadioDJ V1 & V2.


All inputs work very fast without delay. With the Windows software you can specify a delay from 0 to 250ms (fader start).


Works with any mixing console that has a fader start and / or button connection (GPO / Remote).


Inputs work independently of each other, so they can also be started simultaneously!


No keyboard or mouse click emulation. 100% integrated into the play-out software via MIDI.


No external power required, powered from the USB connection.


Suitable for almost all mixing consoles

Does your mixing console have a fader start or button start? Iin 99% it will generate a pulse or continuous make contact (via an internal relay or optocoupler).

This 6-port miracle box can process both, pulse and continuous signal. Converts this to a MIDI command and passes it on to your play-out software via the USB cable.

Not only a start command, there is also a stop command which can be useful if you work with fader start.

Do you have a Behringer DX2000USB then you need a 4 port version.


Special version for the DX2000USB

The Behringer DX2000USB handles a differently start command that is used for the five button start buttons.

Especially for this mixing console this version has been developed. Special hardware & software are processes the signals without any problems.

There are four ports in total that convert the start signal to a MIDI command and pass it on to your play-out software via the USB cable.

Note: a DX2000 has no fader start, only button start!

BEHRINGER DX2000USB knopstart unit

Optional license

Everything can be used by without a license except to start music in: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Spotify, VLC player, WIndows media player or winamp. This requires a license, the longer you take, the lower the costs per month.

1 Month

€ 4,50 / Month

3 Months

€ 3,95 / Month

12 Months

€ 2,95 / Month


4 or 6 RCA/cinch inputs (female)
MAC or Windows 7 and above
105 * 59.5 * 35mm (L*W*H)
Robust ABS housing
2 suspension/mounting ears
80cm USB-A cable

Which connection

Each mixing console has its own connection, often a jack plug is used (6.3mm).


SBM-80: Cable set 1
SBM-90: D-sub 25 (customization)
SRM-70: RCA male
S120: Cable set 1
S340: D-sub 25 (customization)
S440: D-sub 25 (customization)


Airlite: Cable set 2
Airmate-USB: Cable set 2
Airence-USB: Cable set 2


Dateq BCS 50: Cable set 1
JBL classic 9: Cable set 1

 Cable set 1 is a stereo jack 6.3mm connected via Tip /Sleeve.

Faderstart aansluiting jack 6.3mm plug

 Cable set 2 is a stereo jack 6.3mm connected via Tip/Ring.

Faderstart aansluiting jack 6.3mm plug

What customers say

Great midi control for various programs.

Edwin Nieuwenhuis

A relief such a box, a push of a button and go with that jingle (or whatever you want)

Peter Butz

Works perfectly with the LKMR software that is still under development (lekker klooien met radio)

J. van Eck


Works perfectly I really like it

William Born


Do I need a license

No, a license is only required if you want to start music in: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Spotify, VLC player, Windows media player or winamp.

All other functions, including setting delay per port work without a license.

Windows or Mac

The system works on both Windows and Mac, the midi commands are processed by both systems.

How can I tell if the system is installed correctly?

Normally your operating system picks it up and installs the drivers automatically. In “device manager" “control for sound, video and games" a PMT europe device must assist.

Can I control a record player or CD player?

No, the system is intended to pass start commands to the software with which you play music on the computer. It is not intended for separate equipment

Does MIDI work with any software package?

No, the software package used must first have Midi support. Having Midi support does not mean that it will always work. We tested it on a number of packages: mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, VirtualDJ, RadioDJ version 1 & version 2.

Does this work as the Velleman K8055N kit?

It is not comparable. This system is not just a standard system, it has been specially developed for broadcast purposes. Optimized for speed and for maximum integration with play-out software. The ability to set delays (used for fader or button start) is also unique.

Which connection cable do I need?

The box has a standard tulip (RCA) female connection. The connector in the mixing console differs per mixer.

Is there a DIY version?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Each device has a serial number that is stored in the firmware (so each device is different). The serial number is required for communication with the Windows software.

In addition, quality comes first, which is why every device is made by hand in Luxembourg and 100% tested before it is delivered.

Windows software error

The software is written in .NET, this requires runtimes. Our software installs these by default, if something goes wrong you can download them here


Basis installatie / Drivers

Manual 4 ports model

Manual 6 ports model

Manual 15 ports model


Drivers Windows 7

Windows software

Play-out software integratie handleiding