Thanks to our software, you can do even more with your midi device.

The software communicates with the box, this allowing you to set delays per port. This delay is useful if you are using fader start.

A completely new feature is to start music in your browser (eg Youtube) but also Spotify, VLC player, Windows media player and winamp can be started. We do not need to explain that the possibilities are endless (license required). The sofware is to download on the service page.

Vertraging per poort via de Windows controle software

Delay adjustable

There is a big difference whether you work with button or fader start. With button start you open the fader before you give a start command. With fader start you give a start command when you open the fader.

The music in the computer is usually automatically start direct without delay, you slide the music in with fader start. For this it is useful if you can set a delay.

Depending on how fast you open the slider, it can be set from 0 to 250ms per port. Port one can therefore have a different delay than port two.

No license required.

Start Spotify, Youtube etc.

Start music in: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Spotify, VLC player, WIndows media player or winamp.

It’s finally possible to send a start command to your Windows computer via your mixing console. This makes it possible to start something from Youtube, for example with your button or fader start.

You can set this option per port, so that, for example: port six is for Youtube and the other ports can be used with midi commands from your playback software.

This functionality requires a license that costs a small amount per year. 3 month license is included with your purchase.

Start muziek in je favoriete browser via fader en/of knopstart


A license is required to use the option to start music in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Spotify, VLC player, WIndows media player or winamp.

1 month
/ month
3 months

/ months
12 months
+ 2 months free
most chosen
/ months

Note: to use the Windows software you must have midi hardware firmware 2.0 or higher. This is stated at the bottom of your box.
If your hardware has an older firmware than 2.0, you can have it updated for € 25 + shipping costs.

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