Windows of Mac

The system works on both systems, Windows and Mac. The midi commands are processed by both systems.

How can I see if the system is installed correctly?

Normally your operating system will pick it up and install the drivers automatically. In “device manager” “control for sound, video and games” a PMT europe device must assist.

If this is not listed, the driver must be added manually. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you through it.

Can I control a turntable or CD player?

No, the system is intended to pass start commands to the software with which you play music on the computer. It does not work with separate equipment.

Does MIDI work with any software package?

No, your software package must have Midi support. Having Midi support does not mean that it will always work. We tested it on a number of packages: mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, VirtualDJ, RadioDJ version 1 & version 2.

Does this work as the Velleman K8055N kit?

No, this system is not a standard system. It has been specially developed for mixing consoles, optimized for speed and for maximum integration with play-out software.

Which connection cable do I need?

The 4 & 6 versional box has a standard tulip (RCA) male connection. The connector in the mixing console differs per mixer.

Is there a DIY version?

No, we do not deliver it as a kit. Each system is made in Luxembourg and 100% tested before delivery.

Windows software error

The software is written in .NET for this you need runtimes, you can download them here download

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