Professional radio stations
doing it for years.
Now you can too!

Connect your mixing console with your playback software and work like a pro.

Fader open and the music starts. Or use the start button. It is no longer priceless, from now on you can do it too.

Of course our mixing console must support button or fader start and your playback software need to support MIDI!


No way

You can make your dream reality for only € 125.

Professioneel radio mengpaneel
Knopstart mengpaneel
Plug & play

No drivers required*, works under Windows & Mac by USB.

  • Windows 8 and higher, for Windows 7 there is a driver available.

Tested with:

mAirlist, Mixxx, Proppfrexx, VirtualDJ 2021 (only pro version works), RadioDJ V1 + V2.


All inputs respond quickly without delay.

All mixing consoles

Works with any mixing console that has a fader start and / or button connection (GPO / Remote).


Inputs work independently of each other, so they can also be started simultaneously!

100% integrated

No keyboard or mouse click emulation. 100% integrated into the play-out software via MIDI.

no power supply

No external power required, powered from the USB connection.


Suitable for almost all mixing consoles

Does your mixing console have a fader start or button start? Iin 99% it will generate a pulse or continuous make contact (via an internal relay or optocoupler).

This 6-port miracle box can process both, pulse and continuous signal. Converts this to a MIDI command and passes it on to your play-out software via the USB cable.

Not only a start command, there is also a stop command which can be useful if you work with fader start.

Do you have a Behringer DX2000USB then you need a 4 port version.


Special version for the DX2000USB

The Behringer DX2000USB handles a differently start command that is used for the five button start buttons.

Especially for this mixing console this version has been developed. Special hardware & software are processes the signals without any problems.

There are four ports in total that convert the start signal to a MIDI command and pass it on to your play-out software via the USB cable.

Version for the Behringer DX2000USB

Standard version

Which connection

Each mixing console has its own connection, often a mono jack plug is used (6.3mm).


SBM-80: Mono jack (6.3mm)
SBM-90: Sub-D 25 (maatwerk)
SRM-70: Tulp male (RCA)
S120: Mono jack (6.3mm)
S340: Sub-D 25 (maatwerk)
S440: Sub-D 25 (maatwerk)


Airlite: Mono jack (6.3mm)
Airmate-USB: Mono jack (6.3mm)


Dateq BCS 50: Mono jack (6.3mm)
JBL classic 9: Mono jack (6.3mm)

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Geweldige midi sturing voor diverse programa’s.

Edwin Nieuwenhuis

Een verademing zo’n kastje, een druk op de knop en gaan met die jingle (of eender wat je wil)

Peter Butz

Werkt perfect met de nog steeds in ontwikkeling zijnde software LKMR (lekker klooien met radio)

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Werkt perfect ik ben echt fan

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