In October 2021, Eela audio stopped in the Netherlands. I have take over the analog branch and the complete inventory of Eela audio. The digital branch has been sold to someone else.

All parts, housings, fronts, rights to schedules, etc. of analog mixing consoles have been included. This allows us to continue to supply spare parts, housings, etc. Eela audio (S100, S190, S120, S130, SRM-70, SBM-80, SBM-90, S340 & S440).

I didn't do this to get rich but to prevent the rock solid analog mixing consoles from disappearing

Eela audio made quality in every way that they can only dream of nowadays. A warm sound, super stable, built like a tank with top parts. Even after 25 years of running day and night it still works.

It will not surprise you that our own products are made in the spirit of Eela.

Eela audio S440

Repair & inlays
In our own technical department we continue where Eela left off. Whether it concerns a repair of a module or an overhaul of a complete mixing console, you can contact me.

I also have refurbished and new modules for sale. To prevent scarcity, we always try to return the old module to us when replacing a module, which saves you the purchase price (a kind of deposit).

In addition, a lot of money is invested in having parts made. Think of potentiometers, adapters and other supplies.

It goes back to the 80s when I repaired electronics as a kid. Later I got the chance to make it my job at a large technical department of Sharp and JVC.

In 2014 I bought an Eela mixing table that I was going to refurbish for myself. I immediately fell in love with the quality that Eela made audio. Since that time I have been rebuilding and repairing them. Complete stripping, then rebuild from scratch. All components known to cause problems are replaced. Even if they are not (yet) broken, after all you do not replace one rear light because then you can do the other one next week.

Potentiometers are replaced if necessary. Switches are replaced if affordable and the faders are cleaned and lubricated with special oil (read very expensive).

We also print & plot inlays for buttons like on the S340 & S440, inquire about the possibilities.

A large number of parts are online, such as potentiometers, switches, but also caps for the rotary knobs.

Service manual & Phone Support
Unfortunately we cannot provide a Service manual. As I said, I didn’t buy it to get rich, but I also have to be able to pay the costs every month.

Support by telephone is possible but is charged at the normal hourly rate.